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#1 2012-03-19 15:23:29

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xfce terminal scrollback

hey gang,

I use a xfce4 desktop mutilated with many gnome apps. However, I do enjoy the speed and simplicity of xfce's terminal over gnome terminal's more clunky offering, but I am wonder why the scrollback buffer seems on the puny size? I can't seem to get it beyond its apparent 1000 line scrollback max, which for me is a problem as I often come back after a prog has been running to scrollback only to find my problem has scrolled itswlf away. In gnome terminal I can enter a box full of 999999999999999's and I think it can even be set to unlimited, or maybe that was another terminal, not sure, but whatever, 1000 seems a little too pruned. Is it just me, cause I am notorious for overlooking and glossing things too quickly, but I have checked and re-checked this everytime I go to scroll back and find I can no longer find what I need.



#2 2012-03-19 17:33:40

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Re: xfce terminal scrollback

in terminal -> edit -> preferences ->bottom of the first secction, you e a number
change this to a VERY hight value, not maque a infinite, but make more records

PD: Personaly i prefer if te xfterminal may have an option to make unlimited this....any thiket or feature planing?

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