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#1 2012-03-21 23:57:52

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Interaction with Firefox 11.0

I'm running version 4.8 on Fedora 16. System (including xfce4) is up to date. With the installation of Firefox 11.0 there's a keyboard popup associated with fill in fields (such as the Subject field here). This is an interaction between xfce and Firefox -- demonstrated by running Gnome3 instead.

I really need to quash this damm popup. Any suggestions? (There does not appear to any relevant settings)


#2 2012-03-23 20:07:05

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Re: Interaction with Firefox 11.0

I too run XFCE 4.8 on F16 on both my desktop and my laptop and I've never had any trouble with filling in fields in Firefox 11.  I have, however, seen a question about this on a Fedora mailing list, so you're not the only person affected.

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