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#1 2012-04-01 22:54:20

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Hello and hello

Well, I recently had my under a year old windows 7 toshiba laptop stolen. I have always been smart and had nothing incriminating per-se on it still I had to change a lot of online passwords and it was at that point that I finally started thinking about switching over to linux because of the better security features.
So, I was then given a Dell Inspirion 6000 Pentium M with 2 gigs of ram laptop as a replacement.
Windows 7 ran rather slow and that was what finally made me decide to make the "jump".

I don't like the Unity desktop on Ubuntu at all but wanted to have access to all the ubuntu support and apps. I have however,  in the last few months installed Xubuntu on older computers that I have refurbished and donated to charity...so I decided to wipe windows 7 off the Inspirion laptop and install Xubuntu. Check the screenshot forum as I posted my particulars and my desktop screenshot there smile

I'm REAL happy with everything so far especially that I need no antivirus, or spyware checker to worry about. Xubuntu is fast, slick and the apps are great that you can install with just one click!
I feel free!

I really like the xfe desktop layout and the fact taht xubuntu is an official Ubuntu distro.
Also, the IRC chat app was a BIG help...one click and blammo there's 40 folks helping me out in REAL time...
I would also go for this distro on my home computer as well except I'm also an avid gamer and need Windows 7 for that.
anyway...I would love to hear what folks think of my desktop pic in screenshot forum and I am posting here as well as I just wanted to say hello.
I'm a brand new linux user and am exited about being part of this community.
All the best to you all!


#2 2012-04-04 19:52:55

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Re: Hello and hello

Glad you're here T.  And thanks for what you do for Charity.  Xubuntu is the only Ubuntu that I've had any luck with.  Good Find.  Sorry, couldn't find your screenshot.


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