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#1 2012-04-09 12:50:23

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xfce without xfdesktop?


I'm looking to slim down on a system for computer lab use (fat clients booting over a network). I have installed xfce4 & utils on ubuntu and it works great.

I was wondering, since I have effectively disabled the desktop functionality (no icons, no desktop menu, locked for regular users), if I could do without xfdesktop? Could I get xset to display a simple picture as background and just use the windows and panel?

I realize that it "can" be done... but is it worth it? I guess I would have to edit xinitrc files and the rest and I'm not sure if xfdesktop is "just" for the desktop.

Any ideas or suggestions?


#2 2012-04-10 12:56:40

Keith Hedger
From: Torrington,Devon,UK
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Re: xfce without xfdesktop?

Until I upgraded to 4.10pre I was using nautilus to handle the desk top so xfdesktop was not running ( in 4.6 ) so there should not be a problem  you just have to remove it from your session, removing it from your system MAY cause unforeseen problems but I don't know for sure.


#3 2012-04-19 00:46:55

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Re: xfce without xfdesktop?

Same here.

My experience is that you can use all the main components (like Windowmanager,
Destkopmanager, Panel) independently, as long as you start xfsettingsd.

On Debian Sid (currenlty shipping Xfce 4.8) I just tried the following .xinitrc:

xfsettingsd &
xfwm4 &
exec xfce4-panel

xfce4-panel should be run last so that the session terminates when you click exit
in the panel.

The same way you could remove the panel, run additionally a desktop manager,
exchange xfwm4 with openbox, or whatever.

Edit: /etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc would be the place to configure that system wide and
then use startxfce4 as normal.

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#4 2012-04-19 06:26:43

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Re: xfce without xfdesktop?

Just remove xfdesktop from the system, you can also stop in the session manager settings dialog and save the session on logout.


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