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#1 2012-04-18 23:35:35

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I'm running XFCE on an Arch machine. I used to use GNOME for years, but then GNOME 3 happened. I tried Unity for a while but I couldn't adjust to the way it worked so I tried KDE and which was brilliant - like XFCE it respects the user by not hiding choices - but a little too heavy on my lowly Celeron laptop. So I went to XFCE and I was happy with how much it reminded of me of GNOME 2. Thanks to XfApplet, I can use DockbarX and in the AUR the GTK+ 2.0 version of gedit is available which I love because it doesn't have the stupid Chrome findbar knockoff which, in true GNOME style, they managed to mess up since in Chrome you can press Escape and be left at the result while Escape in gedit takes you back! Try as I might, I could not get used to the fact that you have to press Return. And, as expected, they removed the Match Case etc. options anyway.


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