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#1 2012-05-07 15:56:30

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"Show Desktop" only on current workspace (instead of all workspaces)


Is there a way to set the Show Desktop function to minimize windows on the current workspace only?

Currently it minimizes all windows on all workspaces.

The "show desktop" function I'm talking about is configured here:
XFCE Settings -> Window Manager -> Keyboard -> Show Desktop (in the action list)
but the panel plugin does the same thing.

Current behavior is not very intuitive and affects spatial memory for people that keep independent workspaces with lots of open windows.

For example:
1) Open windows on workspace1 and workspace4.
2) Call show desktop on workspace1.
3) Move to workspace4 (current windows are also minimized -- undesired behavior).
4) Select 1 window.
5) Go back to workspace1 (all windows are still down).
6) Call Show Desktop again.

Result: It does not unminimize the windows, it simply minimizes the window you selected on workspace4.
Desired behavior: it raises the windows on workspace1 and leaves workspace4 alone.

wmctrl -k off/on

has the same effect but seems to be little bit slower to react.

I tried the script found in the forums here:
It minimizes windows on the current workspace as I prefer but it's buggy and much slower than the native 'show desktop' (I have a recent machine and it still feels slow).

The only other reference I found to this specific problem is from 2006:
http://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/goodies- … 00384.html

And finally, another behavioral change that would be nice is to minimize all windows before raising any of them, explained here:

I'm running Xfce on Debian 64bit Testing.



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