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#1 2012-05-11 14:20:44

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New to all linux

Hello, a month ago i decided enough is enough with the windows failsystem. Too much headache and frustration. I was NEVER in control of anything that happened in the computer, and that drove me crazy.

I used linux in order to program in college, but never again after that.

Finally i had the will to make the switch, and instead of the easy step to ubuntu, I decided that debian xfce was the way to go.

Now, 2 weeks after the switch, and countles of hours worth of research in order to fully configure the hardware and desktop style, i stabilized my netbook (lenovo x130e) with debian wheezy.

To any who is interested, i solver the problem of the Xfce-dusk theme, but i will post my theme on the respective forum section.

Boot up in windows: 60 seconds and more.
Boot up in Debian Xfce: 11 seconds.

I am a little disapointed at the Midori web browser, i cannot even see the themes in xfce-look.org site, and its supposed to be a Xfce native web browser!! anyway... chromium for now... not like its a bad choice anyway...
Conky also game me some trouble, but i unhappily solved it using an external program call (feh image, to fake the transparency, still waiting on a solution that consumes less CPU, as reported on the conky FAQ).

I am eager to learn and share my code and configurations. Do you people have a standards page i can follow to respect the architecture?


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