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#1 2012-05-11 19:21:30

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terminal emulator

okay so i am not a word smith and i do work  from 10 pm to 6 am, think zombie.

where could a person find the font/text style file associated with the terminal emulator.
Or is there a font/text file  that can be manipulated.
How to ...

why ? , while learning the ropes, it is often nice to print out the man commands to a hardware printer.
I did redirect a man command to a file in docs to hardware printer and it did come out okay, though, some words were at zero margin while a majority were at about 20 px left.
same thing with the man command -pipe- print command.

I do understand that there are some packages out in usr land for such a purpose. yet i would really like to stick with simple basic sanity. there is enough of a plethora of everything to learn while i would just like to get back to writing and learning PHP and MySQL.
If need be i can whip out some XML and XML style sheet.
But where to tie it all together is another question with options as answers.

i am not afraid of the terminal or writing code. just looking for 'the way' .

Thank you.
Thank you to every one for xfce and its basic ness.

i did try to preview post before submitt, and was presented with message ' you do not have ? to this page'.
time out = 16 seconds it would seem.


#2 2012-05-11 23:28:19

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Re: terminal emulator

Hi, moontube.

You don't have to print man pages from the terminal emulator, you can do it from a text editor with all that editor's options.

Suppose you want to print out the man pages for ps. In a terminal, enter

man ps > ~/Desktop/ps.txt

You now have the ps man pages in a text file on your desktop for tweaking and/or printing in a text editor, or combining with other man pages in a custom-made reference manual.



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