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#1 2012-05-12 02:16:32

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Feature request for xfdesktop.

Maybe this is better suited for another avenue to ask but here it is. I've been using XFCE for quite a long time and am .. how do you say ... in love with it's polish, simplicity and speed. One thing that kind of bugs me though is that some of the great functionality in Thunar is not currently implemented in xfdesktop. To me, xfdesktop seems like it had been programmed as an after thought, which is understandable if true.

I noticed that when multiple files are selected in Thunar, and you select rename, the bulk rename dialog is called.

A brilliant idea, I believe this is!

Now, do the same in xfdesktop and the rename menu entry is grayed out. *sad face* Sure, opening the desktop folder in Thunar and repeating action there will work ...

For tight integration's sake, anything that can be done in the file system tree (not sure what to call it - the main area) of Thunar ought to be doable in xfdesktop.

Feature(s) requested; please, thank you and cheers.


#2 2012-05-12 05:35:45

Registered: 2011-12-23
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Re: Feature request for xfdesktop.

  Submit a feature request to https://bugzilla.xfce.org/ under xfdesktop and I'll take a look at writing a patch for it when I get some time. This way your request won't be forgotten.


#3 2012-05-17 15:01:15

From: Liverpool, UK
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Re: Feature request for xfdesktop.

xfdesktop was planned to be replaced by a thunar plugin for 4.10 but fell by the way side - I guess it will reappear as a target for 4.12 - so requesting any new features for xfdesktop is unlikely to bear fruit. However I expect that as the replacement will be based on thunar it will be behave as you require anyway.


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