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#1 2012-05-15 11:34:53

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To install xfce 4.10 on xubuntu

Open the terminal and paste this

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/xfce-4.10 -y && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y

then reboot

IF any problem appears, go to synaptic and then fix from there, far as i remember, you just need make a search for XFCE4

And after this you must check all xfce4.10
Careful with sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude -f install

Use for finish the upgrade.
But take care about what you accept.

I had no big problems , but you must pay attention.
And after complete install he was solid rock, clean and fast. no bugs for me.

if any problem to reboot from actions boot, go to the terminal and just

sudo reboot
Remember, there a few changes that you might need adjust after the installation complete.

And please, remember to say thanks for the xfce team, there is no need to make big changes in what is perfect.

so, thank you team for give the only gui that i think as perfect.

Great, great, great, great work.

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#2 2012-05-16 02:05:29

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Re: To install xfce 4.10 on xubuntu

Yeah, I'm really grateful for XFCE too. It's nice to take a moment to be thankful for the XFCE developers' hard work.


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