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#1 2012-05-30 17:47:02

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Feature request for XFCE panel launchers

This is a feature request for XFCE panel launchers.

First, when the button for a launcher is set to 'Inside', I would like the icon, label, and tool tip shown on the panel to be able to be different from that of the first item in the list. I'd like to have a launcher for common internet applications called 'Internet' with some net icon, then have 'Firefox', 'Email', 'Chat', as the items that show in the list when I click on the launcher on the panel.  Another launcher for games, I'd like to call it 'Games' with a tool tip 'Relax and have some fun', then with items in the popup list for the games I most often play, and so on.

Second, when I change the icon for a launcher and use image files, I would like entering a directory into the text field and pressing enter to actually change to that directory and list the items in it.  If I type /usr/share/pixmaps [ENTER], the file list should then populate the items from this directory.


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