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#1 2012-06-25 10:49:54

From: Hall in Tirol, Austria
Registered: 2012-06-25
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Many thanks to the xfce-crew

Hi all xfce-ers.

In my job and also private I look after some servers with plain debian (without GUI). Also, until a few days, I used debian on my netbook (Vaio VPCZ11Z9E). Because the last change from squeeze to wheezy brought gnome3:
- slow
- gimmicks which nobody really need
- totally changed use without usable description
- I found no possibility to customize gnome3 for my needs ...
- and so on ...

- I'm 58 years old
- I wont get changes which are not needed (except security)
- I do not change running systems without need
- I do not play on my servers, only sometimes I use GUI-applications (normally terminal windows)
- my netbook I use to work, read mails, serach something in the Internet and open a lot of terminals, sortet to diferent screens
... so I do not really need some gimmicks for gamers, players and kids ...

All I really need at my netbook, to work from a GUI I found with xfce!
On my Laptop now I use xubuntu (it was the only one distribution which runs perfect without changes on my Vaio laptop ... except the fingerprint reader).
The only one change I have done, is to change from thunar to nautilus, because I use the feature to connect to external filesystems (per ssh, xdmcp, webdav, ...) all the time and this feature is perfect embedded in nautilus (I had not found in thunar in a usable way).

Many thanks to the xfce-team for their perfect product!


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