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#1 2012-07-01 14:55:18

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Hello all...Xfce4 v4.10 on Gentoo (~amd64, multilib). I'm back to Xfce after about a four year run on Openbox as my main WM. Nothing wrong with OBox, also still like it very much, but I needed to convert my main workstation for multi-user use and needed something newer users to Gnu/Linux would feel more comfortable with - imho, Xfce4 fits the bill so well for this type of use. Afaict, Xfce4 still seems lean enough to not bring the box to it's knees. It's running very well and I'm very much liking 4.10. So, hello again and much thanks and kudos to the Xfce devs and dev team(s)...excellent work!


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