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#1 2012-07-23 22:38:48

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Notifications and a lack of choice

I was cruising along just fine with xfce4 under Ubuntu 12.04. But last week I downloaded something (I don't know what) which started notifications on my desktop. Each time I printed something, each time my music player started a new track, etc.

I thought it'd be easy to stop smile Yeah, right.

Well, I finally did stop it. But, I don't like my method. If you have a better one, do let me know!

I moved (to make them unknown) 2 directories in /usr/lib:

   [03:31 PM /usr/lib] bob$ sudo mv notification-daemon notification-daemon-foo
   [03:30 PM /usr/lib] bob$ sudo mv notify-osd notify-osd-foo

BTW, one can't do this by installing via synaptic since that will delete the entire gnome desktop. Not what I want.


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