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#1 2012-08-22 13:43:00

From: Cavite, Philippines
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Init Order Boo Boo?

I installed the Xfce Version 4.8 desktop (and also GVFS) with Debian Wheezy and there is something funky about my init order.  I set up the P2P daemon aMuled to run at startup and it runs but has no internet connection unless I kill it after boot and then restart the daemon.  Similarly, Thunar must be killed first to enable my bottom panel trash icon to work ok.  The workarounds work but before I put them in a script to apply after boot, I want to ask the question what is the application or service not initializing timely?  It would be a more elegant solution to fix the underlying init order boo boo.  Is the likely root of these issues known and is there a suggested strategy t


#2 2012-08-22 19:02:32

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Re: Init Order Boo Boo?

Xfce currently has a bug of showing the trash as empty at login. For instance, thunar has to be opened twice for it to show the trash items or, for people running xfdesktop (most), the desktop shows trash as empty.
Maybe that's what making you trash icon fail.


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