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#1 2012-08-28 11:32:05

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menu with exported display through ssh tunnel


I have a not simple question:

I have a computer installed with Xubuntu (Xfce4.8) at the office.
Sometime I work remotely and I need to connect to this machine. From my laptop with Windows XP, I establish a SSH sessions (Putty) with X11 forwarding enabled (exported $DISPLAY).
Thanks to Xming on Windows, I can launch any software with a GUI from the ssh session and the GUI appear on the laptop screen.

I can even launch the xfce4-panel. But it take too much space
Because I'm lazy and it's not always easy to remember the "exe" name of an application, I would like to be able to access the menu but without launching the panel !
*or something equivalent

Is it possible ?

Ideally, I should have an icon on the screen and when I click it, the menu appear, then I can choose/launch application form it. The icon will be an exported application
Or a small windows, with some shortcut/icons of my preferred applications

All suggestions are welcome

Thanks in advance



#2 2012-08-31 13:38:13

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Re: menu with exported display through ssh tunnel

You can indeed have the application menu without any panels in your way with a simple right click on the blank desktop, because the context menu will also include the one for applications. Creating a starter is somewhat possible by using the call "xfdesktop --menu" (without quotes). I wrote "somewhat", since a double click will immediately shut down the menu, but you can prevent this from happening by executing the starter in a terminal window (available option whenever you create a new one).

from the xfdesktop man page:

XFDESKTOP(1)                                                                                                            XFDESKTOP(1)

       xfdesktop - The Xfce 4 Desktop Environment's desktop manager

       xfdesktop [options]

       xfdesktop  manages the desktop itself in the Xfce 4 Desktop Environment.  This includes drawing the desktop backdrop and pro‐
       viding a right-click applications menu and middle-click window list menu, as well as drawing icons on the desktop.  Only  one
       instance of xfdesktop can be running at a time, and should be started by running xfdesktop without any arguments.

              Causes an already-running instance of xfdesktop to reload all its settings, including loading a new random backdrop if
              using a backdrop list.

       --menu Causes an already-running instance of xfdesktop to pop up the applications menu at the current position of  the  mouse

              Causes  an  already-running  instance of xfdesktop to pop up the window list menu at the current position of the mouse

(emphasis mine)

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