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#1 2012-09-18 18:11:58

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Unable to query RandR message

New to this and admin is going on vacation today.  When trying to set the screen size I get a dialog that says "Unable to query version of RandR ..."  I am sure it is something wrong in an installation somewhere , but where to look?  It seems likely that Rand R is working since the system comes up and operates.  I searched the forums and found that something was changed recently to allow screen sizes for netbooks etc. so are we just out of date?


#2 2012-09-19 00:32:40

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Re: Unable to query RandR message

Hmm, I'm not knowledgeable on this but if, for instance, you're using the NVIDIA proprietary driver you can set the resolution with nvidia-settings and randr won't work, I think.
But either way I think you should be able to change resolution in xorg.conf but that's a system-wide setting.

I don't know more than this.


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