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#1 2012-11-08 11:54:09

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Suggestion: more options at Panel menu

I do like to put only one panel at the botton of the screen as the MS WOS XP does.

Actually I do it graphically, and it is not always easy - I do install Xubuntu at my friends old computers frequently -

Adding a simple panel menu option to select if you want it up or down would be great.

I do not why the date and time now are not at the right side of the panel if I do not have some apps running and occupying the central part of the panel.

An option to add plugins from the right to the left with the option to add from the left to the right would be nice to kepp it in order.

And I do have the 7 programs I use more also at the panel added also graphically, but it would be easy if you can add them from a menu from the apps menu - add to the panel as cinnamon does - or inside the panel menu, add an app and select it.

Last but not least the Manjaro conky menu - i use Xubuntu and Manjaro - is great, and it can be a great thing use it as default at XFCE with some improvements - easy add conkys to the menu - not easy now - and 720p and 800x600 configs, I use to install XFCE in old computers and in order to make them run smoothly 720p in less older ones and 800x600 in very old ones are much faster than 1080p or 1024x768, and conkys are most of them  only for 1080p desktop resolutions.

Also if at monitor settings would be possible to select aspect and resolution in different menus would be great, a 720p resolution with a 1080p aspect - small icons and fonts - or 1080p resolution with 720p aspect - big fonts and icons - i do not know why it is not this way at every OS - independent "aspect" from resolution - even you can do it by hand, if you do, change font and icon sizes there are problems with a lot of menu windows.

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