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#1 2012-12-08 22:16:45

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Display mounted internal partitions

When I first installed Xubuntu, I could acess my internal hard drives partitions from the Thunar side panel. My disk has 3 partitions : Filesystem, where lives my Xubuntu, Files where are stored my Files and a last one for a Windows 7 installation.

I don't know what happened but know I only see the File system partition. A couple of days ago I installed ntfs-config, I don't remember what were my intentions but it didn't give me what I expected and I think this is when the partitions ceased to show up. When I install it, drives are back in Thunar, but I can't write to them.

I looked everywhere but only seems to find old post that says Thunar doesn't behave this way. But I'm sure thoses drives were shown before I broke it.


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