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#1 2012-12-17 08:16:18

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viewports of XFCE virtual desktop are not communicating

My question is regarding the "workspace switcher", i.e. the thing that controls virtual desktops.

Sometimes I have a window that does not fit into the current virtual desktop, i.e. part of the window is outside of the virtual desktop.

However, when I go to the virtual desktop that covers the part that is outside, there is nothing.

In other words, it is *not* as if my virtual desktops cover one big, connected desktop. Windows can not be partially in two virtual desktop viewports at the same time.

However I would very much like it to be that way.

Can I change the behaviour of the XFCE virtual desktop manager such that if a window falls into two different viewports, the parts that are in each respective viewport are actually shown?


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