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#1 2013-01-22 20:34:53

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[Feature Request] Desktop/Thunar

Hello everyone!

There are two features I really miss on the desktop/thunar.

1. It would be very convenient, if I could just hit a key ('w') and the alphabetically closest Icon/Folder/File on the desktop ('work') would be selected. If the key is hit again, the next element in alphabetic order should be selected.

2. When I want to drag an element from a thunar window which is not active at that time, I cannot grab that element, instead a selection box is drawn. This is very unconvenient, since I usually accidentally select a lot and need to de-select them again and then select my element of desire again to be able to drag it.

Adding these features would increase the usability and speed by a lot, I would use them constantly, as I did on other systems.

I'd like to thank everyone who is working on xfce, keep up the good work, best system I used for a long time.

Yours, typewriter.


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