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#1 2013-01-30 21:10:50

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Something that as always annoyed me...

I love XFCE, have used it for years. Even before Gnome 3 and KDE4 and Unity, I was a big XFCE fan.

There are some minor annoyances, though.

First, I've dealt with the session saving, I could never manage to disable session saving entirely, so instead, I made it so the sessions couldn't be saved by rendering the folder read-only. A bit of a hack but it works. That being said, that's not what I'm here about...

Mounting in XFCE is not what it should be.

I get that auto-mounting of partitions has been introduced, but the options in the settings dialogue are kinda not what people expect.

Here is what I like:

Is X USB drive attached to the computer? If yes, mount it until MANUALLY unmounted

If it isn't then sleep.

It shouldn't have to be hot-plugged, I should be able to turn on the computer with things already attached and have them mounted. The act of having it attached via USB in the first place is a sign that I want to access it, I don't just keep things there for their health, I plug things in so as to use them.

So, in short; I wish that XFCE would just assume that if it is connected to the computer, I want it mounted. I never want to manually mount anything ever again, it should just mount because it is there.


#2 2013-02-01 15:29:23

From: Trujillo - Perú
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Re: Something that as always annoyed me...

I think that the options on the first tab of "Settings » Removable Devices and Media", do exactly what you want. They are just by default not enabled.


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