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#1 2013-03-06 20:54:58

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1) Why just don't remove bulk rename? Who really use this app?
2) I believe we need a menu editor. Is complete mess when you try to fix the menu. Some apps not showing on menu or go to wrong section. We must create files on folder applications, write the executable command and the path to the image. For one app is ok. But when you have 10 apps, 5 not showing, 3 must be removed from internet to multimedia etc, is just a painful job. I don't know how it goes on Linux. But on BSD is just a mess that pains every time.
3) If you have the panel with a theme that make the panel to seem curved and go to make it transparent, panel from curved become flat.
4) I have years to use gnome but one think that I remember and was really good was that i could take an icon and strech it to do it bigger. I whould like to see this option on xfce4
5) Catfish or any search tool must be ported. To search the hole disk or specific folders for music, videos, files searching by name, extension etc. There is somehing similar on thunar if I am not wrong but not exactly a searching tool.
6) Finally xfce4 shoud have a screenlets app based on xfce4. Gdesglets, screenlets etc are good but based on gnome. So i have xfce4 and if i want gdesglets for example all gnome will be installed as dependencies.

Most of them are suggestions and things that we would like to see. Except no2. I believe this is something that really must to be ported.

PS: We say the "bad" things and we want this and that and the other but at least me I want also say a big thanks to xfce4 developers. I can't imagine my computer without xfce4. I like his simplisity

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#2 2015-08-06 10:17:37

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Re: Suggestion

Well there are times when one really need to bulk rename files. For a long time I used BatchRenameFiles Tool for miscellaneous needs.


#3 2015-08-06 14:05:00

From: Liverpool, UK
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Re: Suggestion

1. I do occasionally.
2. menulibre works for me.


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