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#1 2013-03-11 01:20:49

Registered: 2013-03-11
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Hello! And thanks for such good work!

XFCE is very nice. Congratulations! I'm very comfortable with it.

I'm a Linux newbie. I'm doing some experiments with VirtualBox.
Host: WinXP without networking.
Guest: Linux Mint (64-bit) + XFCE mounted as a virtual DVD, running a live system (not installed) with networking (Firefox & Thunderbird) and a shared folder for profiles & downloads.

My goal is a super-hardened computer for children and the elderly. I'm sure it will be fun and educational.

See ya at the forum. Ciao - Mark.

VirtualBox 5.0.10
Host: Win7 Home Premium, 64-bit
Guest: Linux Mint 17.2, 64-bit + Xfce ?.??


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