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#1 2013-03-11 01:45:16

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Daylight savings time

Today, Sunday, March 10, is the first day of daylight savings time in the U.S. When I got up this morning I noticed that my watch (atomic) and phone (Android), as well as the clocks in the kichen range and microwave, and in the car, had all updated themselves automatically. But my computers (Fedora 16 Xfce and Xubuntu 12.04) stubbornly display standard time.

I use the datetime panel plugin, rather than Orage because with Orage I cannot set the appearance so that I can read it a couple meters away. My panels are vertical and 100 pixels wide, so customizability of the clock font is important.

Using the date command I confirmed that the ntp servers are working and my computers are getting the correct date and time from them. My time zone is set to Los Angeles.

I tried killall xfce4-panel on the Fedora computer, but that had the unexpected effect of killing the panel completely, rather than refreshing it. I restarted it, but it came back as a top horizontal panel instead of my custom vertical settings. Still, I noticed that the clock was still displaying standard time. Then I logged out and back in again, which restored my vertical panel, but the clock still showed standard time. Finally I completely rebooted the computer, but I still see only standard time.

I asked on a local LUG list-serv and received responses from people running Fedora-Gnome, Ubuntu-Unity and Ubuntu-KDE, and all said that their panel clocks updated normally. So the problem is not in Fedora or Ubuntu. I looked at the time in Orage (which I have installed as an appointment tool only), and it displayed the correct time of day.

Conclusion: The problem is in the datetime widget. But I have been using it for a couple of years and it always updated itself for daylight savings time in the past.

Does anyone know if the datetime widget has a config file somewhere that I could edit? Can it be refreshed manually? All suggestions welcome!

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