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#1 2013-03-12 10:58:31

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Need help with source from git installation into local folder

Hello everyone!
Following the instructions on the website, I built from scratch Xfce, the 4.10 branch, fetched from git repository. Installed it into ~/Software/xfce4. So, in my .xinitrc i put these lines:

export PATH=$HOME/Software/xfce4/bin:$PATH

exec startxfce4

Since I'm using ubuntu 12.04, I type these commands

$ sudo stop lightdm
$ xinit

.. and my new fresh desktop starts without any problems. The default setup is presented, themes are switchable, the desktop is tuneable. The power-off / restart / suspend feature isn't available, but as I guess, this is related to consolekit and/or dbus sessions. Not a problem. The problem appears when I try to start Xfce from LightDM or Slim or something else... Consider LightDM for now. What I do is linking the session .desktop file to system's location with:

$ sudo ln -s $HOME/Software/xfce4/share/xsessions/xfce.desktop /usr/share/xsessions

... then I set the PATH system-wide by adding it into /etc/profile.

Ok, now LightDM allows me switching to Xfce4 session. The problem is that when I log in from LightDM, Xfce4 starts with an empty configuration (a piece of empty panel on top-left, with no elements at all) and ugly GTK style (I suppose the fallback). I can't switch between styles (selecting another style does nothing), but the biggest problem is that after 5 minute tuning of my panels, desktop and other stuff, when I log out or reboot, an empty configuration is presented again! How can I solve these problems?

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