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#1 2013-03-20 16:01:14

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Xfdesktop-settings running wild from maya-xfce desktop?


Running latest Nadia Xfce update on a fully Xfce-installed fresh flash drive. I might've altered something in trying to recreate a (fluke?) config on another XFCE-installed flash drive where I have Maya desktop running concurrently with Xfce which allows me to have Maya's more configurable desktop slideshow feature while keeping XFce's cool feature of scrollwheeling through different desktops. The first time this combo-config worked I had Maya's desktop slideshow panel going (via panel menu settings control), no problem. Then I experimented and desktop right-clicked to pop up the Xfce desktop panel and slideshow feature which on image selection jammed. Immediately the fan exhaust went hot and under System Monitor I can see xfdesktop-settings running over 98% CPU Load. Often I even see several instances of xfdesktop-settings running the same time. Granted, I've been (maybe a little haphazardly playing by ear) transplanting session files and config files to this XFCE account from a drive where the Maya "combo config" works but don't know where I screwed up. Desktop's control panel no longer pops up by right-click or from the Settings customize desktop panel either. Screen black. If I can maybe purge all scripts and re-set XFCE to all defaults maybe I can get back to square-one to try my combo-config goal again, but I need to stop this overheating and Xfdesktop-settings gobbling up CPU. Any hints appreciated!


Jim in NYC


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