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#1 2013-04-17 17:44:31

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Feature request: Close button appearance delay to avoid closing the …

Close button appearance delay to avoid closing the wrong window


What I don't like on all desktop environments I know is this:

1. I have clicked on a file or menu item in the applications menu.
2. Now it takes some time, until the new window opens. Within this time frame, I want to close another window.
3. I am clicking the close button of this window and just in the second before that the new window has opened and I am actually closing not the window I wanted to close, but the window I am waiting to open.

This happens very rarely, but it sucks when it happens and the solution would be very easy: We had to implement a delay of one or two or a few seconds after a window appears, before the close button (or maybe all window control buttons) appear. I'm a web developer and cannot help to implement that. But if you like this idea, I think it would not be a big task and a nice feature. My workaround right now is to move the window away I want to close before I click the close button.

BTW: Thank you for XFCE! I am using it since many years and am very happy.


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