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#1 2013-05-01 00:14:54

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Hello from Oklahoma

I have to say this... Xfce is the best desktop I have ever used.  I have used Gnome (2 & 3), KDE, LXDE and now Xfce.  IT JUST WORKS.
With just a bit of tweaking to the themes i have what I consider to be a very functional desktop.
The Dev's have done an outstanding job.  I can't imagine how much work was put into Xfce, has to be somewhat monumental and they do it as volunteers.  Dang, what more can you ask of people? 
I see a lot of comments about the slow release cycle.  What the hey...  People are running Windows XP FOR 11 yrs...  I took Microsoft 7yrs to come out with Vista and everyone hated it.  It took another release, Windows 7, to fix it.
So why are people complaining about slow release cycles?
I'd bet the Dev's work many many hours and perhaps more days than 5 and they still have their regular jobs and I would also believe, families.  Families who might prefer them working so much, especially for free.

Well I am done with my rant. 

Again, kudos to the Xfce Dev Team.   Great job.  With a bit of a push Xfce could easily replace Gnome 3, hands down.


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