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#1 2013-06-01 11:08:54

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Hi from Cambridge

Hi everyone. I've been around xfce (and the mailing lists) for a while, only just stumbled across the forum.

I've been building and running Xfce on Solaris for a while, and it's now a pretty clean build there. And I've contributed to some of the panel plugins and the task manager to get them supported on Solaris as well.

More recently, Tribblix is an Illumos (OpenSolaris descendant) distro I'm creating that has Xfce as a primary desktop. I would say *the* primary, but I quite like E17 as well. They both meet my need for a simple, lightweight, yet modern and fully functional desktop interface; I'm very retro and don't get on well with the more heavyweight desktop environments.



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