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#1 2013-06-01 23:59:17

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xubuntu probably inefficient manager on power.

My problem is -

Ihave a laptop with xubuntu, and when i use battery the pc freezes constantly, maybe xfce power manager dont manage good my hardware.

I try test in other distros like lubuntu and the problem is the same.

Is poosible that xfce-power-manager cause this long times of freezing?

I need have installed mesa-utils because my pc uses ati and in past i also have this problems in both modes , battery and in electric power directly.

After i install mesa-uitls the pcs never freezes in power electric direct but when i work in battery mode he freezes constantly.

I try Kubuntu to see if this affect other environmets or to see if kernel is the problem and in kubuntu never freezes.

My pc is an Toshiba A200 1KB, with an ATI 2400.


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