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#1 2013-06-12 01:46:25

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dual monitor behavior

i am running xfce 4.10 on the latest suse 12.3 and on xubuntu 13.04 Mostly everything is fine.  i am running dual monitors, nvidia in separate x screen mode.
I have menus on each of the two monitors, and when i open a program, it would be nice if it always opened
on the same monitor as the menu.  This sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.  In particular I frequently
want to open the same program on two different monitors (vim for example).  Both copies of mousepad open on the same monitor,
but the copies of vim open correctly on two different monitors.   Browsers are a particular annoyance.  The worst is firefox which will
gladly open two copies on the same monitor, but refuses to open a copy on each of the monitors.  Midori however is happy
opening one copy on one monitor and another copy on the other.  Konqueror under suse always puts them on the same monitor independent of which menu was used.  however konqueror can be forced into the correct behavior by appending the --display=:0.(0  or 1)
Rekonq and chromium can't be forced to separate monitors using the --display variable.  File manager opens correctly on the same monitor as the menu.

I will say that xfce or whatever is controlling this does much better with dual monitors than anything else i have tried.  (Can't even get separate backgrounds with mint mate.)

So is there some magic setting in some mysterious config file that can change things?
Since you guys are way ahead of anybody else, i don't have much hope and it's unlikely and other forum has anything useful to say.


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