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#1 2013-06-13 17:07:18

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disable window transparency / opacity setting via alt + scroll wheel

Transparency of individual windows can be modfiied by hovering the mouse over the window title bar, holding ALT, and moving the scroll wheel.

I've also noticed that it adjust when hovering over the window title bar, and using horizontal scrolling on the mouse wheel.

I often use mouse middle click to send windows to the back. However, my mouse has a tilting mouse wheel, and that often triggers when pushing the wheel down. So, windows end up getting partially transparent accidentally. It annoys the crap out of me.

I'd like to disable that feature. I never use it intentionally, and it keeps happening. At least I know how to undo it, but it's a PITA and an interruption to workflow.

I've searched high and low, and haven't found a way to disable that binding, nor to disable that feature. Is there a way? With so many things being configurable in xfce (which is good), I'm really hoping there is at least a setting I could make to a config file. IMO, there should be a config GUI for this too, since there's one for other transparency stuff.

I'd rather not disable all effects, which is the only thing I've found that might disable this feature ("might"... I haven't tried it).

FWIW, I haven't seen the horizontal scroll over title bar documented anywhere. I was starting to think this was a bug because I wasn't touching alt, and it was still changing. I accidentally figured it out... simply side scrolling while hoving over the title bar changes the window opacity.


#2 2013-06-13 17:19:52

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Re: disable window transparency / opacity setting via alt + scroll wheel

Just a quick follow up. I did run into this: http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=7139
Which references this: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xf … ow_roll-up
And says to do this:

xfconf-query -c xfwm4 -p /general/mousewheel_rollup -s false

But that doesn't do anything.
I looked through all the other settings from xfconf-query, but couldn't find anything remotely related to this issue.


#3 2013-06-13 17:43:44

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Re: disable window transparency / opacity setting via alt + scroll wheel

Yes, and scrolling vertically on the title bar without holding one of the Alt keys down appears to "roll up" the current window so that it only displays the title bar. I think they are features, rather than bugs, although I can see how they might be annoying if you're using a mouse with 3rd and 4th buttons built into the scroll wheel (left-tilt, right-tilt). Much the same way that the act of pressing the center button (the scroll wheel itself) has always been an annoyance to me, because I've never managed to do so without also minutely turning the wheel.

To disable variable opacity of windows: Settings / Window Manager Tweaks and, in that pop-up window, uncheck "Enable display composting."

That will, of course, turn off the compositor. If the effects you wish to keep are controlled by it, you'll lose them, too. You might be able to turn off the variable opacity feature whilst keeping other effects if you install a different compositing window manager such as Compiz or Kwin. Since neither of those is in the same universe as Xfce's window manager in terms of reasonable system resource usage, I've never tried using them in Xfce.

Other things that might possibly be helpful would be to look through and play with the options in Settings / Settings Editor under the xfwm4 section to see if you can adjust the behavior of this feature in any way and Settings / Mouse and Trackpad (or whatever the mouse driver configurator is called on your system) to see if you can adjust how the system responds to various mouse actions. Also, you might create a keyboard shortcut for sending the top window to the bottom, which may be possible, or to simply consider minimizing a window when you do not wish it to be on top.

That's all I can think of, but I'm still pretty new with Xfce and probably have only scratched the surface of what is possible. Others may well chime in with simpler, better solutions. If there is good in-depth documentation somewhere for Xfce 4.10.2 (or whatever version of it you are using), it might show a list of configuration files that are used by the system, what the various options mean, how to change them and what various changes would actually do and, perhaps, even mention whether or not there are other optional modifiers that could be added to said configuration files. But if such documentation is available, IDK how to access it - generally, I've been taken to webpages that are either unfinished, that only show pictures of what you see anyway in whichever window you clicked the "help" button in in the first place, or the like so full and useful Xfce documentation is still very much a work in progress, methinks; while I tend to believe that in a project with very limited resources ("man-hours"), it's better to spend time working on a thing than to spend the same time explaining how to use it, lol, it can be somewhat frustrating at times.

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