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#1 2013-06-16 12:57:47

Keith Hedger
From: Torrington,Devon,UK
Registered: 2012-04-01
Posts: 46

How to set/get individual element from arry with xconf-query

Basically I have some arrays stored using xfconf-query but I want to get/set and individual element but there seems to be little info on arrays with xfconf I can get all the elements like so:

xfconf-query -c test -p /test2
Value is an array with 3 items:

some string data

And set the whole lot like so:

xfconf-query -c test -p /test2 -t int -t int -t string -s 100 -s 200 -s "some different string data"

I just can't see a way to say set just the string data( element 3).


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