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#1 2013-06-28 12:57:17

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Gnome Application Help

When I try to look at the help for a Gnome application, e.g. Brasero (I have the source for that so I can see what it is looking for), Help->Contents returns the specified location is not supported (similar with Gnome terminal & others).  For Brasero I know it is looking for ghelp:brasero.

Checking the url-handler I get
gconftool-2 -a /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/ghelp
command = gnome-help "%s"
needs_terminal = false
enabled = true

Also gnome-help ghelp:brasero
(gnome-help:28544): Yelp-WARNING **: Failed to load config file: No such file or directory

OMF category 'GNOME|Accessories' not recognised, ignoring.

Then brings up the help page as expected.

My only conclusion is that XFce is not looking at the Gnome settings.

Is there something I have missed?



#2 2013-06-28 13:37:42

Registered: 2013-06-27
Posts: 4

Re: Gnome Application Help

Sorry failed on my asking a question bit, system is CentOS 6.4.
Xfce installed as "yum groupinstall Xfce" resulting in the following packages (with versions)
xfce-utils.x86_64                            4.8.3-1.el6                   @epel
xfce4-appfinder.x86_64                       4.8.0-2.el6                   @epel
xfce4-doc.noarch                             4.8.3-1.el6                   @epel
xfce4-icon-theme.noarch                      4.4.3-5.el6                   @epel
xfce4-mixer.x86_64                           4.8.0-1.el6                   @epel
xfce4-panel.x86_64                           4.8.3-2.el6                   @epel
xfce4-power-manager.x86_64                   1.0.10-1.el6                  @epel
xfce4-session.x86_64                         4.8.1-4.el6                   @epel
xfce4-session-engines.x86_64                 4.8.1-4.el6                   @epel
xfce4-settings.x86_64                        4.8.3-1.el6                   @epel


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