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Greetings XFCEers! Rave Review - Xubuntu!

Greetings XFCEers!
(tags: Xubuntu, Mint, USB, PlopBoot)

Thought I would join the forum just to tell you how GREAT I think the XFCE desktop is.  I have used Ubuntu since Karmic Koala (9.10) but the primary releases lost their appeal with Unity. So, with 12.10, I began checking out other options.  First, Linux Mint with Mate desktop - nice but not quite to my liking. Then tried Mint with XFCE and really liked it.  When 13.04 came out (and Mint XFCE still beta), I needed to do a new install on a fresh drive, and tried out Xubuntu 13.04 - BINGO!

We have a winner!!  Xubuntu is exactly what I was looking for - simple, yet flexible.  By tweaking XFCE just a bit, personalizing, and installing a couple of my favorite utilities and apps, I have the PERFECT system.  I'll post my tweaks and try to help others. And some screen shots once I get this video chip issue resolved.

As an added bonus, I had a hardware issue (NOT the bonus) and had to run Xubuntu from a full installation on a 16Gb USB (2.0) using a PlopBoot CD to boot to the USB.  Much to my surprise, it worked great, too, although a bit slow.  I had a 4GB swap partition and still had almost 7GB left over. I used external HDs for data storage and used the USB for several days while fixing my other issue.  That USB is now my "backup" system and a great demo for showing off Xubuntu to others.

Kudos! Keep up the great work!

Xubuntu 13.04 AMD 64-bit, XFCE
Asus M4A785-M motherboard (Radion 4200), AMD Phenom 9850 Quad Core, 4GB DDR2 6400 (800gHz) Ram


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