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#1 2013-07-10 07:13:25

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Desktop mount/umount icons for the resources defined in the /etc/fstab


In the Thunar there are icons for the remote resources defined in the /etc/fstab so I can mount/umount them. But shouldn't these icons also appear on the desktop? I've tried to add 'comment=x-gvfs-show' and just 'x-gvfs-show' to my fstab entried but this didn't help. Mounting a samba volume using gvfs-mount produces some d-bus messages which means that they could be interpreted and desktop icon could be created but nothing happens. Inserting a usb stick on the other hand results in a new icon on the desktop and a new thunar window opened. So can someone shed some light on this issue? Is it supposed to be working and it's just me or this in not implemented or not activated by default? Anything?

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