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#1 2013-07-21 20:44:39

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Settings > Window Manager Tweaks > Placement change upon reboot

In Settings > Window Manager Tweaks > Placement, I have set "Minimum size of windows to trigger smart placement:" at the maximum "Large" setting and set "By default, place windows:" to "At the center of screen". After setting this, it usually works fine, however after rebooting the computer, these settings are still shown in Settings > Window Manager Tweaks > Placement, but the the windows no longer center on the screen, they load at the top left or in another open area. I have to change the placement settings to something else and then change them back where I want for it to start again with centering windows.

How can I make it remember my settings through reboot, so that I don't have to reset them after every reboot?

As mentioned by the below post I am adding that I am running Manjaro 0.8.6 and Xfce 4.10 and xfwm4 4.10.1-1 xfce4-session 4.10.1-2 xfce4-settings 4.10.1-1 and xfconf 4.10.0-3

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#2 2013-07-21 22:44:16

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Re: Settings > Window Manager Tweaks > Placement change upon reboot

What version of Xfce, xfwm4, xfce4-session, xfce4-settings, and xfconf do you have on your system? It's probably a good idea to list those for an issue of this type. It wouldn't hurt to list the distro/version you're running, too. You never know when something like this might be a bug that got squashed in a newer version of something. If you aren't sure what versions they are, you could run Synaptic Package Manager (or whatever packaging tool you have installed) and type them (or just xf to get a list of all of them (along with other components) into its search box).


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