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#1 2013-07-25 12:36:16

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..I just signed up and a small introduction will follow. I have used different Linux distributions on and off since late 90s. Then in 2003-2004 something I ditched Windows for good and settled on Ubuntu, which then switched into Xubuntu on my eee pc and Ubuntu Studio on my main laptop so I have been using Xfce for a couple of years now. Recently I went back to Debian with Xfce on my eee pc which made it use even less resources.

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#2 2013-07-29 14:56:16

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Re: Hello..

Hey, I’m thinking of replacing Xubuntu with Debian on my netbook too, because of a lack of responsiveness; did you actually notice speed improvements when doing so? I do not care that much about RAM usage as my netbook has 2 GB of it.


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