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#1 2013-07-31 21:34:52

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Xfce 4.10 freezing

I just upgraded my desktop from Fedora 17 to 19.  It didn't go well, but I've gotten the mess it left cleaned up using a CLI.  Why not a GUI?  Well, if I let it boot to a GUI, lightdm comes up and freezes, completely ignoring the mouse and keyboard.  I have the Magic SysRq key active (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key) but it doesn't give me control of the mouse/keyboard.  I can use it to kill lightdm, but it comes back in the same condition, or I can use it to reboot.  If I boot to a CLI, I can use startxfce4, but the same thing happens the moment X comes up.  If I do it this way, I can kill X, but that gives me a blank screen with a solid block mouse pointer that works, but no keyboard or sign that it's active.  I can also reboot, but that seems to be all.  I'm posting this from my laptop, and can ssh into my desktop, even when it's seemingly unresponsive, so I can get at any needed logfiles for forensics.

Also, there's another person over at the Fedora forum with almost the same issue, except that in his case, the timing of the freeze is more random instead of coming right at startup.  Any suggestions as to where to look will be greatly appreciated.

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