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#1 2013-08-16 09:15:00

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EOT and EOF signals (Control-D, Control-C) not working in Terminal


I'm using xfce 4.10 on FreeBSD 9.1. I just recently switched to xfce after using KDE and am experiencing a slight inconvenience.
I use perl on a regular basis and frequently need to test short scripts in the Terminal. In KDE's Konsole after I wrote the script I hit CTRL+D to execute it or CTRL+C to abort it. In Terminal EOT and EOF do nothing.
The problem seems to lie in the keyboard language layout. I use a Bulgarian layout beside the English one. When I press CTRL+C it seems it somehow change the keyboard layout and print the Bulgarian letter "ц".
Also the problem seems to be only in Terminal, because when I do the same in XTerm it works just fine.



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