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#1 2013-09-15 17:06:50

From: Swe
Registered: 2013-09-15
Posts: 1

xkb-plugin blank/empty

First post here, so I hope it's in the right place.

I got some issues today with the xkb-plugin. Long story short... Been using an .Xmodmap file to fix a few keys, but it doesn't load on startup. So I made a new custom layout, which I had temporarily working, but not properly. It ended up with the xkb-plugin totally blank. hmm


I have deleted my layout file, undone my edits I made to evdev.{lst,xml}, removed session, (even) reinstalled the plugin. Eg. tried to backtrace what I did. Now I have "us" as only and deafult, and the files in .config/xfce... shows only "us",  aswell as: setxkbmap -print.

I'd appreciate if someone could help me get this working again.



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