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#1 2013-10-05 21:16:17

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Mousepad can't open cifs mounted files

Mousepad 0.3.0
It works fine on files mounted through gvfs/fuse but not those mounted using the fstab/mount/cifs method.

As an example, Findstuff.txt is the same physical file on a Buffalo NAS mounted two ways.

Mousepad can't open the file mounted using fstab 
-rwxr-xr-x 1 myusername myusername 182 Oct  5 15:53 /home/myusername/ls-pro-public/Debian/Findstuff.txt
Mousepad opens the file just fine mounted through gvfs
-rwx------ 1 myusername myusername 182 Oct  5 15:53 /home/myusername/.gvfs/public on ls-pro/Debian/Findstuff.txt

Every other program I've tried will open both files ( leafpad, vi, Libre Office Write, nano)
I get no error, Mousepad just opens a new empty document called  Untitled 1
Oddly, I can create and successfully save a new document to the cifs path, but then can't reopen it.
Any ideas what to look for? I can't find anything in the logs.


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