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#1 2013-10-28 11:21:23

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Unable To Lock XScreensaver in Puppy


I'm unable to make Xscreensaver lock in XFCE 4.10 in Precise Retro 5.1.1 32bit, despite toggling the lock check. Xscreensaver otherwise works. When I use the panel buttons to drop xscreensaver's function panel another box also drops down stating:

xscreensaver-demo is running as user "root" on host "puppypc8702".
But the xscreensaver managing display ":0.0"
is running as user "nobody" on host "puppypc8702".

Since they are different users, they won't be reading/writing
the same ~/.xscreensaver file, so xscreensaver-demo isn't
going to work right.

You should either re-run xscreensaver-demo as "nobody", or re-run
xscreensaver as "root".

I don't know whether this impacts my locking problem. I was told to use xflock4 with xscreensaver but that locks me out totally because my password doesn't work with it and besides it isn't a timed lock-out like xscreensaver is. As an aside, when I boot-up it's in basic JWM mode with the XFCE session box appearing to pick and launch me into full XFCE mode, though I can switch between them via the Swapicons app hot-corner, in case this might have a bearing on my issue.

Thanks for any input!

Jim in NYC

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