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#1 2013-11-09 03:59:42

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Trash Desktop Icon Missing


I'm using Puppy Precise 5.7.1 32bit with XFEC 4.8/10 (because though the XFCE info box says its 4.10, the XFCE files in Puppy Package Manager say they're all 4.8.)
My trash basket icon hasn't appeared on my Xfce desktop since I re-installed it after a crash. Also I can't get any other mounted disk icons to appear either.

Added FYI: When I log into Puppy I'm given a panel choice to select a Xfce session or quit and go on to a JWM session which has all normal fully functioning icons including trash and mounted drives. (FYI in case, I have Swapicons installed my JWM side). When I log into Xfce session instead I'm missing all icons except Home and System. So when I run in JWM mode I have a healthy trash icon. It's Xfce that doesn't recreate a desktop trash icon even though I've moved folders on the desktop as people recommended. Some suggest that drag /root/.local/share/Trash to the desktop as /root/Desktop/Trash but that looks like it just creates a standard folder not a trash can icon and how do I know whether by moving it so kills its property as a real trash icon? Or is it safer to create a link icon from /root/.local/share/Trash to the desktop so I don't screw up any sensitive configurations?

I have no running samples of a proper XFCE "directory structure" to go by to see what trash/desktop icons or files are supposed to be where and what shouldn't. Or maybe more fundamental, can JWM and Xfce coexist with both having normal trash icons/folders or does JWM somehow inhibit Xfce from having such?

Any hints would be most appreciated/

Jim in NYC


#2 2013-11-09 22:28:26

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Re: Trash Desktop Icon Missing

Have you gone to Desktop Settings and checked the tab marked Icons?

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