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#1 2013-12-09 18:25:04

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[solved] embedded terminal on desktop

I am trying to get a terminal embedded into my desktop (ideally terminator, but I dont really care that much) but I cant figure out how to do it. Basically, it needs to be borderless, trasparent, always be behind other windows, and be on all four workspaces. Also I have conly set up as well so If I could specify the size of the window so that it doesn't overlap with conky that would be nice also


sorry I figured it out using tilda

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#2 2013-12-09 19:02:37

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Re: [solved] embedded terminal on desktop

You can do that with Devilspie. Here's a brief HOWTO:

1. Install devilspie from your distro's repositories.

2. Create the ~/.devilspie directory

3. Create the ~/.devilspie/DesktopTerminal.ds file with the following content:

        (matches (window_name) "DesktopTerminal")
                (wintype "utility")
                (geometry "900x700+0+10")

...and save the file.

4. Startup devilspie:

devilspie &

5. Fire up a new terminal window and give it the name DesktopTerminal like this:

xfce4-terminal -T "DesktopTerminal"

...and it will start up pinned to all desktops, below all windows, undecorated, not paged, and not on the takslist.

Other notes:
- Edit the "geometry" parameter in the DesktopTerminal.ds configuration file to suit the dimensions that you want on your screen.
- You'll need to add devilspie to your startup applications list so that it runs on login.
- If you want to automatically start an app in the terminal window, use the -x parameter like:

xfce4-terminal -T "DesktopTerminal" -x tail -f /var/log/syslog

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