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#1 2013-12-31 03:11:01

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Stability problems in 13.10???

Okay...I hate to keep posting here asking questions (although board members have been VERY helpful), but I'm wondering how much further I should go with my new Xubuntu distro.

A little background. I recently switched from Mint Linux 15 (Olivia) after switching from Ubuntu. I switched from Ubuntu because I don't like the Unity desktop in Ubuntu. Mint did not seem stable to me as I was constantly having problems with repositories - missing files etc. Anyway, I decided I'd had enough of Mint after 3+ months and switched to Xubuntu 13.10.

That was 4 days ago. I've been installing the programs I've been using for the past few years to get back to where I was with my old distro. I use Xampp as a web server to develop my sites before going live. I use Bluefish as my HTML editor.

So about an hour ago, I fire up my FF browser to check out my site (locally) and find SOME of the images are not showing. The text is there, but no images. However, SOME pages are fine - images DO show up. ALL images are in the same directory. I can see them using Thunar, but SOME of them will NOT display. I clear the cache, I right click on the page and view the source and all the html looks as it should. OK, so I fire up Bluefish to make sure the html and css files are not corrupted - although everything was fine this morning when I installed Filezilla and downloaded the live site to my machine. Well, Bluefish is now acting up. It won't allow me to open up 2 files at the same time. If I double click on one file, it loads fine into the 1st tab - as it ALWAYS HAS. However, once I double click another file from the file panel, it replaces the 1st page in tab 1 and opens a new BLANK tab titled "untitled".

So I reboot...and everything's fine again. Web site is fine, Bluefish is fine.

So...and sorry for the novelette leading up to this point...is Xubuntu 13.10 stable?



#2 2014-01-02 01:53:09

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Re: Stability problems in 13.10???

But I'd consider that a short post, lol (I'm from a generation when people were taught to read - and expected to do so).

I cannot help you with your issue (apologies). But I'm curious about what problems you were experiencing with Mint? I've been running Mint (14) XFCE since it was released, with the XFCE 4.10 & 4.12 PPAs added to my sources list (and have installed the same on over a dozen people's computers), and the only issue I've seen here was when the Mediabuntu(?) repository was discontented - and that's not really a Mint issue; a few moments spent removing that repo and no more issue.

Is it possible you had a bad .ISO download, a bad burn, a less than perfect hard drive, or a computer that was overheating during the OS install (not unheard of with laptops, especially ones that were over six months old)? I have experienced all of those things, and - when they didn't bork the install altogether, lol - the systems ended up having various "gremlins."

Something like what I mentioned above could even account for your current problem(s), so if you do not find a solution and/or cannot find reports of other people experiencing the same issues... I would begin to wonder.

Btw, you might see more/faster help asking on an Ubuntu (Xubuntu?) forum, since this does not read like an XFCE issue.


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#3 2014-01-05 14:38:03

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Re: Stability problems in 13.10???

I use xubuntu 13.10 (32 bit) and had never noticed any instability.


#4 2014-01-17 10:27:35

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Re: Stability problems in 13.10???

I've been running 13.10 as my main development environment on both my MacAir and my home workstation in Virtualbox since it was released and I haven't noticed any major issues as of yet. Still need to natively install 13.10 on my home box, although I might wait for 14.04 instead...

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#5 2014-01-20 19:01:42

From: Italy
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Re: Stability problems in 13.10???

I confirm that I am running Xubuntu 13.10 x64 and never had any stability problems.

Why not trying the same environment but using a virtual machine?


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