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#1 2014-01-02 13:04:15

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No tooltips for files in Thunar - bug or feature?

Hello community,

I'm a happy Xfce user for almost three years, about the time since Gnome2 has been removed from Arch Linux' repositories. This is about the first time I'm stuck with a problem. My mom is using a machine with Xubuntu Precise and Xfce 4.10 (installed via PPA). Unfortunately she has a big mess of documents of different revisions and equal names, so it is essential to be able to know the last modification date of a document. On the desktop there is a tooltip appearing when hovering any file or folder telling the last modification date and the size. However, in Thunar there is no tooltip and no option to display the required information below the file name other than the "Detailed list" view. I don't want to compare with Nautilus, since Thunar has many advantages over Nautilus, but in this point Nautilus clearly does the better job, as far as I remember both a tooltip with additional information and an option to show this information in the symbol view exist. So I'm wondering, is this a bug, a missing feature or is it done on purpose?

Thanks for any hint,


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