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#1 2014-01-02 19:08:51

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Compiling Caja with XFCE manually - HELP PLEASE

Coming from Ubuntu with Gnome2, my switch to XFCE was pretty much predictable. Been using XFCE for the past 3 years now but I really like the original Gnome2 Nautilus which had the instant MP3 preview, simply by hovering on an audio file, which is especially useful for making car & holiday compilations for the family. Since Mate developers continued that feature with the Caja (previously old Nautilus) file manager, I've been using that with my XFCE installations in the past couple of years.
Problem is ... installing Mate also installs a ton of duplicate menu entries. sad
Even worse, double entries in other areas as well ... very annoying.

Anyway, so I found a Caja 1.6 download recently but it's not in DEB format. When the file is extracted, you're left with a Caja 1.6 folder that contains a total of 643 items which take up close to 35 MB of space. Since I've never had to manually compile a program before and since I have no idea how to install the downloaded Caja all by itself with none of the non-required Mate apps, I was really hoping that someone here could walk me through the process ... ???

I'm sure that everything is there since 12 sub-folders in the root contain all of the files. Libextensions, and so on. I just can't find a single file in the docs that even remotely suggests how to install Caja without installing the remainder of the Mate Desktop which I don't like. I love XFCE and if Thunar had the instant MP3 preview I wouldn't even bother to go through this hassle. I can't do without that preview though because it saves me literally hours of time when making compilations of 150 - 250 songs. Any step by step help would be appreciated ... will be rebuilding my main system tomorrow.


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