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#1 2014-01-11 19:36:05

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How did a new keybinding appear in the terminal?

Today I was typing a command in the Xfce terminal and found that if I typed letter 'f', a new tab opened.

So I looked in the menus and found a "Shortcuts" tab and a setting there to make letter f do this.

My question is, how did this happen?  No one else uses this computer, and I had never changed anything in the keybindings, and I have previously typed 'f' without triggering a new tab (actually I'd never used tabs but just opened new terminal instances)

I searched here with keywords 'terminal shortcut' and did not find any posts about a mysterious new appearance like this.

software versions: Debian 6 "squeeze" , xfce terminal 0.4.5, xfce v.4


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